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The latest wave of exfoliation technology is referred to as hydrodermabrasion, which has combined the concepts of microdermabrasion, crystalless microdermabrasion, and liquid forms of exfoliation. This technology utilizes a closed loop system and comes with a selection of different levels of abrasive discs that use permanently embedded industrial diamond or corundum crystals.

Unlike crystal-less microdermabrasion handpieces that are simply a tube with the abrasive material embedded along the rim of the tube, hydrodermabrasion uses abrasive solid discs that are essentially flat and round in shape, approximately 1⁄4 inch in diameter, and allow for a very expedient and consistent exfoliation of the skin.


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Exfoliating Body Treatment

Treatment time: 45mins Cost: $99

Get polished to perfection using Body Salt Scrub with the infusion of pink Himalayan salt crystals, coffee seed particles and coconut oil, helping to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. This also includes an indulgent application of body butter to replenish, soften and renew the complexion.

Deeply hydrating facial




* Add on Led light therapy


* Add on peptide mask


* Add on brow wax


* Add on Brow wax & tint