Spa Massage

Release the Tension with

Spa Massage

Body Massage 

30 mins  Cost:$65 | 60 mins  Cost: $95  | 75 mins Cost: $120 |  90 min:  Cost: $140

We give you exactly what you deserve… time out, relaxation, improved health and wellbeing. If you have specific needs let us know at the time of booking, and we’ll select the therapist who best suits your needs.

Hot Stone Massage 

30 mins  Cost: $70  | 60 mins Cost: $110

Hot Stone Massage is a relaxation massage that combines massage movements between hands and hot rocks. The heat from the rock will penetrate into the muscle tissue that allows a deeper sense of relaxation. Simply Divine!

Paran Massage 

45 mins  Cost: $85  |  75 mins Cost: $120 | 90 mins Cost: $145

Ease yourself into a state of deep relaxation and wellness with our stress release massage package. Enjoy a 15 minute session in our Spa Jet cocoon to gently soothe aches and pains. Then experience a relaxation massage to restore peace and well-being to the body and mind.

Duo Massage 

30 mins  Cost: $120 Couple  | 60 mins Cost: $199 Couple

In our Couples Room. Enjoy a relaxing and private massage together. Perfect for couples or friends. Experience this in our candlelit couples room with gentle spa music to take you away from it all.


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